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About FabAfterRehab


In February 2016, something within me changed. It was the strangest thing.  For the outside world, I had a great life. I lived in the Netherlands, in a beautiful house, in a fancy neighborhood, together with my husband and our 17-year-old son. I worked for the university and had a great job with a lot of freedom that gave me the opportunity to travel the world.


The gap


But then there was also “the gap”. That hole in my stomach that I had never been aware of before. I had been repressing it. I actually numbed it. With wine, with a lot of expensive clothing, with parties, with jokes. I didn’t allow it in. I was too busy creating my picture perfect. I desperately wanted to be “normal”.  Above all, I wanted to have a normal family life. Not only for myself, but in particular for my son.


My Journey


I went on a journey… literally.  I left everything behind.  My job, my family, my friends.  I went to Dubai, to Portugal, to Ostend, to Cape Town.  To find myself again…  While all the time, the things that I was looking for, were right here under my nose.  All along.  Inside of me.


And now, here we are.  Three years further down the road. My life has accelerated. I became aware of many things. These past years have been turbulent, and the end is not yet in sight, but I wouldn’t have missed them for the world. They were years with many heights and many low points. I had completely lost myself which is one of the worst things you can experience as a person, in my opinion.  Not knowing who you are.  Not knowing why, you are put on this earth. Not having a clue what your soul mission is … Not knowing self-love.


I have since learned that EVERY person on this earth has a special task. Each of us has something to contribute and it fulfills us completely when we live this mission.  There is no gap anymore.


After three years of pain, balancing between hope and despair, having taken difficult and often rigorous decisions, I have found my path. It is exciting, it is not so obvious, and it goes against everything that I was taught as a child. But I believe in it. I am finding happiness again. I have found my mission. I want to show other people – especially women like me – that they too have a mission. That they too may contribute to this world for the greater good of themselves and everyone else.


  • Do you recognize yourself in my story?
  • Are you stuck … for whatever reason?
  • Do you also feel a “gap”?
  • Do you wonder what your mission in life is?


You matter!


Whatever has happened or is going on in your life; YOU MATTER! There is always hope. You can always start over. Even if it is frightening, or if it seems impossible. You are capable of more than you can imagine.

So take control of your own life and be the best version of yourself. I can help you with that, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!


Let’s be gentle, loving, and kind … always. To ourselves, to each other, and to our planet.


*Banner Photo English by Oleg Magni from Pexels